PETER M. Rating

"I used to spend all of my time at the gym but had nothing to show for it. I've only been using Growth Factor about a month but the results speak for themselves. Ladies keep coming up to feel my guns. and I find it much easier to approach now that I know they want what I've got. Growth Factor helped me live my two dreams: Making serious gains and scoring with crazy hot chicks."

MAX P. Rating

"This is the best supplement on the market. It works in a sense where you feel it mentally and physically. It's not just great for muscle. It's great for your whole life. Definitely going to continue to buy this product as I move forward. I also purchased the bulk package because it really is a great deal."

DANNY B. Rating

"This product works. I do a lot of research before I buy, but with the free bottle deal. I figured I give it a try, and the results are amazing. I play Football for a pro-scout team and I take it normally twice a day, before practice and after practice and I feel it delivers more. My strength and speed have gone up, I gave the other one to my running back and he is seeing amazing results as well. So with two of us taking it I know it's not just me seeing these results."

TOMMY L. Rating

"Tried this after being recommended by a friend. He said it was great for more than gains...it was like a magic pussy attracting pill! Not only did it live up to the hype, I put on 10lbs of lean muscle in the first 2 weeks. By far the best I have ever tried. I love this supplement and highly recommend it!"

ALEX H. Rating

"I seriously had this in my shopping cart for a month debating back and forth if i should pull the trigger (aka, input my Credit Card # lol) Gladly I decided to take the leap and am so happy to say I was far from disappointed. The 5 bottle package was a bit more of a commitment than i was willing to take. But someone once wise once told me, "STFU make gains" so i decided to go for it . YOLO? lol Well Growth Factor did not disappoint. so far I have been really impressed with my gains."

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