Growth Factor uses L-Arginine and amino acids to amplify your workout efforts in two ways:

  • Accelerate muscle growth and development

  • Reduce post-workout recovery time

Growth Factor contains amino acids, giving your muscles the fuel they need to deliver unbelievable muscle growth fast. Growth Factor also contains L-Arginine, a potent nitric oxide inducer. L-Arginine works as a vasodilator to pump the amino acids to your muscles faster where they can do the most good. Plus, it increases nitric oxide levels. This increases you glucose efficiency, giving you unstoppable stamina and incredible, skin-splitting pumps.

Growth Factor contains only the most potent ingredients so you can pack on pound after pound of dense, lean muscle mass. Experience explosive, steroid-free muscle gain with Growth Factor!


Growth Factor is designed to increases the size, strength and density of your muscles. The size and strength of your erection is controlled by the muscles at the base of your penis. Supersizing those muscles supersizes your girth, thickness and stamina. When you have an erection or do pelvic floor exercises, you're working out the muscles at the base of your penis. Growth Factor turbocharges those muscles so they grow more massive and regenerate faster. You could say that with Growth Factor, every thrust is working towards a bigger, stronger, thicker erection.

And that's without any extra effort from you. For the really dedicated Growth Factor user, there are additional benefits: Do you feel unattractive to women? Not anymore. With Growth Factor to maximize your workouts, your body will be as rock hard as your erection.

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  • Dominate Your Sexual Encounters

  • Boost Confidence and Success

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How can Growth Factor give you all of these benefits? Most stress and failure can be traced back to insecurity. Growth Factor has the power to unleash a more powerful, more confident you. Unleash your transformation from man to sex god.

Growth Factor & Muscle Growth

For the true hard-gainer in need of serious muscle support, Growth Factor has everything you need to enjoy better workouts to build more lean muscle, promote enhanced strength and take your performance and muscle growth to a new level. With Growth Factor, you can give your muscles the edge they need to perform, recover and get bigger for shirt-sleeve stretching pumps that are absolutely unreal!

The quality and quantity of muscle building compounds in Growth Factor make our formula unparalleled – we don't believe you will ever find another muscle building supplement that works as effectively as Growth Factor.


The same incredible pumped effect that L-Arginine can bring to your muscles, it can also bring to the bedroom.  During an erection, the L-Arginine in Growth factor works as a vasodilator, flooding the spongy tissue of the penis with blood. The result is a bigger, harder, more intense erection. Meanwhile, the amino acids and nitric oxide build the muscles at the base of your penis for more powerful and more pleasurable thrusts with the beast-like endurance to go all night.